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2020년 6월까지, 메디컬은 보류, 이적료는 언론마다 다르지만 대략 22+α~26 사이 정도 되는 모양.



"When I completed the switch from BVB to FC Bayern in 2013, it was a conscious decision and one that I do not wish to hide from today,"

"Three years later, and now at 24 years of age, I am able to see the decision I made back then differently. I can understand the fact that many fans were unable to understand my decision. Nowadays I wouldn't make the same choice again! If I am now to return to my hometown club, then I want to try to win everyone over – especially those who do not welcome me back with open arms – with my performances. My objective is to get back to playing my best football. For all of us, the club and the BVB fans."



  하지만 내겐 영원한 괴자식.... 한 번 괴새기는 영원한 괴새기. 아무튼, 못하기만 해봐라... 무엇보다도, 우리팀에 뒤통수 후려갈기곤 폼 X신된 인간을 돈 줘가며 받아와야 하는 우리 팀이 참 안타깝다.... 원래도 매 년마다 노란손수건질을 반복한다지만 이새X 만큼은 안 데려왔으면 했는데.......

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